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This box includes: 

  • Montgomery’s cheddar - This famous traditional Cheddar is over 12 months old. A suburb tasting unpasteurised cheese [some blue veining is normal]
  • Mrs Bell’s blue - Meadow like sweetness of the Ewe's milk contrasts beautifully with the cheese's inherent saltiness. Milder than a Roquefort but is still punchy and complex.
  • Baron Bigod cheese - is widely acclaimed as one of the best cheeses being made in the UK. Silky at its rind but crumbly at its core, this Suffolk-born, traditional Brie-style cheese balances a clean lactic brightness with mushroomy, vegetal notes.
  • Bungay Raw Butter - Rich and full flavoured this unpasteurised butter is made fresh on the family farm in Suffolk.  Using their Montbeliarde cows’ milk their cream is gently cultured and beaten to form a traditional handmade unpasteurised butter
  • Salami Finocchiona – A coarsely ground Italian pork marbled with fat and seasoned with wild fennel seeds for a sweet, aromatic flavour
  • Prosciutto Nostrano – Italian dry-cured Pork
  • A selection of award-winning Peter’s yard crackers; fig and spelt, sourdough and charcoal and rye
  • Kalamata olives – Almond shaped olives with a rich, aubergine colour. Meaty texture with a fresh, fruity flavour
  • Sunshine rosemary and garlic pitted olives - Mixed olives marinated in rosemary infused oil and semi-dried tomatoes
  • Tracklement’s sticky fig relish
  • Cornichons and balsamic onions   

The items included in this platter are subject to availability and as such there may be some substitutes made to the same value.

Platters are pick up from the store only -  when ordering please specify the day you are wanting to pick up the platter. For next day pick up please order by 5.00pm the previous day. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to confirm your order along with collection arrangements.

Price - £30.00

Please specify your preferred pickup date.